Roomer - Rate, rank, search and earn. 

Roomer is an online platform that allows users to manage their household, resolve roommate disputes, and search for rooms, as well as roommates, while earning perks and rewards for good roommate behavior. 

Everyone who has lived in a city like New York has experienced the frustration of apartment hunting, roommate searching and household drama. In 2013, I designed a single, rich experience that helps alleviate the problems that roommates deal with on a regular basis. 

In the app, roommates sign up with Facebook to create a team and designate a “Head of Household,” who is responsible for assigning monthly bills. Roommates are then prompted to fill out personal profiles and rate themselves, as well as their roommates based on six different categories. Users must rate their roommates every quarter and can receive a max score of 850. Just like a credit score, your roommate rating can affect your prospects for a new apartment in the future. Scores offer credible feedback and can also earn users perks and rewards through partnerships with companies like Grubhub, Groupon, Redbox, Netflix, Spotify and more.  Households are then ready to set up roommate contracts, create general discussion threads or even report disputes that can be voted on between the roommates.

Not only does Roomer provide users a way to search more extensively for compatible households but it also allows households to search for available roommates to fill empty rooms. 

To help market the app, I worked with a screenplay writer to write a webisode series that explored three New York roommates using Roomer to fill their fourth bedroom and the crazy stories that followed.